What is Digital Marketing Definition

What is Digital Marketing Definition

What is Digital Marketing Definition – It is Known as Marketing or Promoting any Product or Services on soft platforms like, social media, Search Engines, Websites is called Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

It is a big OCEN of Opportunities, Communications, Information & Technology, that are blended to achieve their different kind of target like Promote Product / Service, Earn Commission, Branding of Product or Service.

The Person working in this field is called as Digital Marketer who work for any of above objectives.

Today, all are moving towards online plate forms for their different kind of purpose whether, it may be Call, Message, Sell, Purchase, Promote, Share or Earn.

Different Modules

As Said above Digital Marketing is a very big OCEN which is completely invisible means in soft form and using some of below main modules.

  • Website Design, Development & Management
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Free Lancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E Mail Marketing

In all over world, Digital Marketing is taking its place Rapidly. There are many opportunities which can employ the person or give employment to the person for their different specific goals.

Lets look in brief on above mentioned factors.

Website :-

Website as one of factor of What is Digital Marketing Definition

It is online presence of yourself or your store / services, where People can visit it and serve their different purpose like Contact, Purchase or Gather Knowledge.

With the help of a website you can write your thoughts which is known as Blogging.

If you look at any of the big brands or company, they have own website to promote or sell product or to publish their brand.

Website creation is the important step for Digital Marketer, also here its to be noted, its not mandatory to have website but with Website you can do Digital Marketing very Easily.

Website is like, you have a Home but you if you don’t have Furniture in home, you can still leave there, but if you have furniture, you can live with ease and you can facilitate others with it too.

Website is the place where you can earn money through different kind of methods like, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing or Freelancing.

Blogging :-

Blog - What is Digital Marketing Definition

When you write an article about anything of your interest, your passion or your experience and other things on social platforms like Website, Social media is known as Blogging.

The complete article with Writing as well addition of images is known as Blog.

With this tool you can reach as many of people to share your thoughts online and connect with them.

With help of this Method, you can earn money through Google AdSense, where Google will pay you the advertising fees displaying on your Website.

Social Media :-

What is Digital Marketing definition with Social Media

In Earlier era, there was no Internet and people used to meet each other in person and there was face to face interaction.

Information Technology (IT) is developed day by day and this interaction became Virtual or non person connection.

IT Technology gave us, different media like Pagers, Telephones etc. As time passed, Pager got out from Market and Telephone has been replaced by Smart phones, which work and suffice all the requirement of transaction / interaction through various kind of Software called Application.

Today, Various applications are used by Smart phones for Various kind of Specific work, like Call, Message, Purchase, Education, Banking etc.

The Applications which are mainly main to serve social purpose like, Call, Message, Share information in form of text, image and video are called as Social Media Application and these all applications are jointly called as Social Media.

In Market there are plenty of Social Media applications, some of highly using are Facebook, Instagram, Wats App, Pinterest, Twitter and You Tube.

We can Earn through Social Media too, with different kind of Advertisement or Promoting product on Social Media Plate forms and it is called as Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We will cover more in detail for Social Media Marketing and its different methods and tools used to earn through Social Media, in our upcoming blog.

Search Engine : –

Search Engine

We all use different kind of Search engines on like, Google, Ping or Yahoo Search on daily basis for our different kind of Search, Research or Information from which we are not aware.

Search Engine combines all Social Media Plate forms, and take us to the right and appropriate information, when we opt for search.

Search Engines made our life vey much easy, as when we are not aware on anything we used to get search that particular product, information or Service and get maximum out of it.

Search Engine is one way of earning too, which is called as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), though different kind of Advertisement placement of search engine pages.

We will cover in more details on Search Engine Marketing, in our upcoming blog.

Hosting & Domain :-

Hosting & Domain

Domain is the Virtual address of website where it is being stored, so as to reach instantly whenever required.

Hosting is the Virtual Space which is called as Server where Website is saved for some duration or for life time.

Hosting is like a home which is being sold as an Ownership or on Rent, where you can do all your activities during that time of contract.

Domain is like the address of your website where it is being hosted, generally it is one kind of name, but if you write wrong name you may reach to wrong website or may not reach too.

As for example you want to reach to www.reviewfatafat.com, but you are typing it as www.reviwefatatat.com, you will not get the correct website which you are looking to visit or you may not get website too.

It is because, each Alphabets work as an address part, if you will mistake with any part you may not serve the purpose you want.

There are many companies are in Market which provides hosting services on Rent or as an Ownership like, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, BlueHost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, HostGator, BigRock, NameCheap, SiteGround and many more.

There are different kind of Hosting too, like Shared Hosting, Word Press Hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

All of these Hosting Service provider has different kind of plans for different website needs depending the type of business and future factors like, Traffic, Space Requirement, Long run Business etc.

We will cover more on Review, Plan and detailed offers provided from these hosting service providers, in upcoming blogs.

Freelancing :-

Free Lancing

When we do some work for Company or Organization in their offices or field, it is called as Employment.

When you work for same or other company or for other person, on social plate forms, to promote their product / services and get some fixed, predefined or some calculated Money Amount, is Called as Freelancing.

The person doing such work is called as freelancer.

In Freelancing you have to work for others just same as like Employment but the difference is that you can decide your work and schedule when you work as Freelancer.

These days there are many online plate forms are available for freelancing, like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer where you can apply and get work which you can do as per your convenience.

We will cover more in details on Freelancing and its different methods of earning in upcoming blogs.

Affiliate Marketing :-

Affiliate Marketing

When you Promote or Sell any Product or Services for other Company or Person and get some commission in form of Money in its return is called as Affiliate Marketing.

The Person working in this field is known as Affiliate Marketer and the Money he is earning with Affiliation is called as Affiliate Commission.

In today world company prefers to have affiliate team or to have Affiliate Marketer to promote their Product / Service, because it is very convenient and cheapest way compare to Advertise product through other methods like, TV Ads, New Paper ads or Selling it personally one to one.

Affiliate Marketer, get your product promoted and sold too if needed in exchange of some commission which is predefined so company or person can have maximum profit, with less efforts.

Person can earn money with different kind of Affiliate Marketing plat forms like, Product affiliate or Service Affiliate, provided you have enough information and knowledge on tools and methods to do it.

Affiliate Marketing is became an essential part of Digital Marketing these days.

We will cover more details of Affiliate Marketing and different plate forms, tools and methods to do it, in upcoming blogs.

E Mail Marketing :-

E Mail Marketing is called as Promoting or Selling Product through E Mail, where person can click on that product or Service and opt for it and the sender gets Profit or Commission in return of it.

E Mail Marketing is an essential tool when promoting or selling product in Digital Marketing.

E Mail Marketing

Many of us using Personal E mails, and getting So many mails from different Advertising or Marketing company or personal on daily basis which contains, different kind of Sale or Offers.

When you Click on any of Image of Sale or offer it will direct you to a specific website or Plate form, from where you can purchase or opt that particular service or product.

This was one of example of E mail Marketing, you can also do this kind of Marketing and earn commission, provided you have enough knowledge of each process and tools used to do it.

Conclusion :-

In This blog we have covered on Basics of What is Digital Marketing Definition and its different elements or factors, for beginners.

We will cover more in details for E Mail Marketing and its tools and different methods in coming blogs.

Hope you get enough and important information on What is Digital Marketing Definition, through this blog, Please comment in below section and let us know your thoughts.

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