Types of Website

As we studied in Previous Blog, what is the importance of website, so now you might want to know what are different types of website. Let see in more details.

Different Types of Website

There are so many different kind of websites available in Market this time and still its on increasing number day per day.

Website mainly classified in main two category. 1) Static Website & 2) Dynamic Website.

In general terms Static means fixed or Stationary, while Dynamic means Moving or Changing frequently.

All current websites falls under this two category, which we will see in details one by one.

1. Static Website

It is a kind of Website, where user or visitor can view content present in Website and have different kind of information as per their area of interest.

This websites don’t update anything automatically unless its author or owner feed any update. This Kind of website uses Images for desired appearance most in common to make understand or to convince the visitor. There are also video content in such sites, but they play automatically or may be no interactive.

A Static Website provides same information and knowledge to all user for the long time, until the owner make any changes in the website.

Editing process on such website is Manual, to edit image, content, Pages, Post, Appearance which needs basic website designing skills.

By this, hope you understood what is Static Website, now lets have a look, different types of website which are under this category.

Most popular Websites are per below as a Static Website.

a) About us Page :-

It is created to familiar the user with the person or company history and back ground, so as to have more and more detailed connections with each other

About us page as a type of Static Website

Here the author of the page displays the information about their business profile, strength, experience, working culture, history and many more information which they want to publish.

Sometimes, Company or Person wants to publish about their mission, future plans or some important information, at that time they prefer this option, which contains only About us Page.

b) Contact us Page :-

This is another type of Static Website where People can contact to the author, and fulfil their purpose like, inquiry or to have some more detailed information.

Contact Page as a type of Static Website

When some of company or person wants to contact unknown persons and increase business while contacting them, they prefer this option.

Here, the author ask some information to user like, Name, Contact Details, Purpose of Contact, etc, which the user fills up and once its completed, author gets notification on E mail with the information shared by the visitor.

The author also can display some information like, Social Media reach buttons, Contact details where user can visit or contact the author easily.

once the information exchanged, they contacts each other through E mail or any other media which is convenient to the author and available option to contact to each other.

c) Portfolio Page :-

This is also a Page website, but with some more information about the person with images and attractive appearance.

Portfolio as a types of website

This kind of Pages are made as a showcase of the person’s talent, experience, knowledge or the team working as a unit.

Mainly this kind of pages are not visiting by random people, but the author shares the URL of such pages to the other person or company to which the author wants to visit the particular Portfolio Page.

This kind of Pages are may be part of a big dynamic website or can be created separately too.

When the visitor visit the URL shared by the person, they get more detailed idea about that person and then approve some request like Affiliate, Job, Ordering or may be Freelancing too.

You can say its one kind of Resume or CV which we made usually on Hard copies, but here its on soft copy which we called as Portfolio.

c) News Letter :-

Newsletter as a type of Static Website

It is a printed or typed content in form of any News or information, and publish by the author or Company to make aware their users about New Policies, News, Changes time to time.

Companies used E Mail Marketing Services to publish News letter. The famous E mail Marketing services / software are Mailchimp, Constant contact, Get Response, Groove Funnel and many more.

Many Company or Author are using this kind of media to reach to their audience at a time, by placing a News letter form on their website, which is filled by the Visitor who is interested to be in live contact with company’s New or Changes.

This Services keeps the records of visitors and float a beautiful designed E Mail whenever required by the company or Author.

With this kind of Platform, the Company or Author can be in constant touch with their Audience and take benefit by Sales or promotion of their product via E Mail, and its called E Mail Marketing too.

2. Dynamic Website

As shared above, Dynamic websites are changing their information, structure or contents frequently and keep adding different New details timely.

Today, these websites are more popular in demand, as they covers Static Website in them.

let see, some of most popular website which we can consider as Dynamic Website.

a) Blogging / WordPress Website :-

Blog as types of website

This is the website, where person write a blog or an article and publish it to share to Public or to the specific targeted audience.

This kind of websites are built with wordpress editor where different kind of themes and plug ins are used to give a beautiful look to the entire website.

In this site, blogger can do changes time to time as per requirement of time and demand from the end users or visitors to make the appearance of Website better and better.

The blogger can use the site to monetize too by giving some space to the other company to run their product advertisement on some specific pages or post in side the Website.

Visitors see that advertisement and if actions are taken in line to the display which is shown in the website, the advertiser gets profits from that sale.

Currently Blogging websites are much famous because of 3 reasons mainly.

  1. To Monetize
  2. To be popular
  3. To be in regular contact with Audience

Today, many bloggers and celebrities using this kind of website for any of the reason mentioned above.

b) E Commerce Website :-

It a big part of dynamic website, in types of website.

When selling of product or service are carried out online platforms, its called as E Commerce selling.

This kind of websites are build by the person or company to sell their own, or to promote others products, so when visitors visit this sites they purchase product and owner of site or company makes profit from the sell.

E Commerce as a type of webiste

The best today examples of E commerce websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Greengeeks, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc.

This kind of website are build with help of wordpress and special themes and plug ins which address different products, category of products, cost of product and Payment gate way, to complete the sale.

While creating this kind of websites, the special attention is given to its compatibility. User may visit website from any device they prefer may be mobile, laptop, tablet or any other device, they should see, browse, or can do any function very easily irrespective of device they are using.

Today, online market is growing at the speed of seconds, hence E commerce is very much useful and vital tool for many business owners, as they do not need to request visitors, to purchase their products.

They promote their product on different social media platforms with their website or Mobile application, where user log on and purchase the product of demand.

c) Social Media Website :-

Social Media is the crucial type of dynamic website, where the types of websites are considered.

In such types of website, users generally sing up, make account and use it as per their needs, hence these types of website continuously changes their data.

Social media is the biggest tool in digital marketing field today, its users are increasing day per day, you will find a very rare amount of people who are not using social media channel for their different purpose

Socail Media website as a dynamic types of website

Social media is very much popular and being used by 99% people on daily basis. It is a very easy way to interact with different persons for various kind of purposes.

There are many social media sites are in market, where the user register them self and use it on regular base, as in many of cases its completely free.

It provides various kind of communication source to an user like, Call, Message, Chat, Video upload, Recruiting, Promoting, Selling and so many more.

  • Wats App
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • You Tube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Snap Chat
  • Skype
  • And many more…….

Below are some famous social media websites, which are talk of town in today’s world.

We knowingly or unknowingly use some of above or all of above on daily basis. Its audience are increasing on daily basis at rocket speed, and in future Social Media will be more and more popular looking to its function & features, which provides a better and better experience to its user.

d) Search Website :-

We all uses this websites in our daily search activity on Internet. When people want to find some thing online or looking for some information, they use online search websites. Popularly its known as a Search Engine.

Today, Google, Yahoo and Bing are most using search engines. It is not only the media of search but to do a business or to promote the product, many Digital Marketers as well as business mans are using it.

They display their product ads in form or banner or a video, when the person looks to search something, the relative ads shown on their screen, from there the person may buy something too, and in the return, the person running ad will get a sale and search engine gets charge of that particular ad.

Search Engine as a types of website

When you search something on search engine, you will observe different kind of display with sponsored mark, they are ads, which has been kept by the product manufacturer to sell their product, as you are looking for subject product.

On Search engine, the people are already aware what they want to search, and on other social media, ads are shown but to the random persons, so in search engines there is very high chance of conversion the person in to a customer or a sale.

With help of search engines, you can find any thing online, like, information, locations, product performance and many more, as search engines invites websites to index with them, and once they indexed successfully, the website shows on their search pages.

When you search for a particular product or information, the list of related websites and ads are displayed on your screen, from there you can serve your purpose.

In today market, there is tough competition to be on the first page of search engine as no one want to browse through more and more pages and they want the information on their screen as quick a possible.

Every moment, search engine information or their ranking are changing, hence they are considered to be a Dynamic Website.

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